About the Geek

Welcome to Geek With a Hook. I'm Jeannie Pagan, the geek, and my hook is in my left hand.

I'm a 30-something, geminian gal, with a college degree in spacing out. I crochet for a living. Not really. But that would be my dream job. I have 10 years of experience...in case someone is hiring.

What I post on this blog comes from my innate impulse to give away, share, and try to spark inspiration in others. Here I share with you the projects I'm working on; tricks I have picked up along the way; and patterns for your personal, non-commercial use.

In case you didn't catch it from the first few lines, I'm left-handed. And I'm biased towards the leftie crocheters out there. So, I always post left-handed versions of my patterns first. Don't give me an earful about how righties are majority, 'coz I know. I friggin' know. And I stand firm.

Oh, and this is just a flash fact: I can't focus on a single crochet project from start to finish. Period. No matter it's size. Let alone doing it for months when it comes to blankets or other large projects. If I'm making a hat, I'm not just making a hat. I'm making a hat, a blanket, and a nose warmer. Or just three hats. Whatever.

Anyway! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this blog inspires you in your crochet journey.


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