Friday, October 24, 2014

Pixel Crochet Blankets WIP - The Charts

So I have been swimming in pixel crochet squares...lots of them. 1650 squares before the end of November is my goal. And that is thanks to two kids who just can't request tiny amigurumi for their christmas presents. The challenge: two full sized blankets.

They have even made more requests of blankets "for when you are finished with those". Sigh.

As whiny as I may sound, I love this cra-ft. Plus, I can't say no to them when they request anything crochet from me.

These are the charts I made to ensure I make the correct amounts of squares for each color. I adapted them from some cute designs I pinned onto my Pinterest board: 8-Bit - Pixel Art - Perler Beads.

Pixel Crochet Blankets WIP Charts - Geek With a Hook -

Pixel Crochet Blankets WIP Charts - Geek With a Hook -

I am going to save you the tedious and boring explanation of why there are letters on each square. Just know that they have to be there so that my spreadsheet counts que amounts of squares of each color for me. If you geeks out there still want said tedious and boring explanation, just let me know. I'll gladly obligue.